A/C Air Filter Subscription Service Helps Me Remember

Then, I do not have to remember that it is time to replace it.

I am pretty good at remembering things, but sometimes I have a mental block. One thing I could never remember to do, no matter how many times I wrote it on the calendar, was to change the a/c air filter each month. My dad always taught me that the easiest thing I could do to help my a/c live a longer life was to replace the a/c air filter on time. I am sure it is true, too, because when I do change out the air filter, Ican see all the dog hair and dust that is stuck in it. The problem is, I was never able to remember. That is, until I discovered the convenience of getting an a/c air filter subscription service. I signed up for the air filter subscription, and like clockwork every month, the air filter arrives at my front door. Then, I do not have to remember that it is time to replace it. I simply see the air filter there at the door and then I bring it in the house and go replace the old air filter with the new one. It costs me $10 per month, which is not too much more than it would cost to go to the hardware store myself and purchase it. I feel like the extra dollar or two that the a/c filter service costs me is worth it because I am actually helping my a/c to live longer by replacing the filters like the manufacturer recommends. I guess some people would consider it wasteful, but I am happy about my choice.

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