Building up our HVAC company over time

It doesn’t matter what your line of work is, good customer service is consistently key. Even if your job isn’t in sales, and it isn’t in your job description, you should maintain that mindset! You are a representation of the business that you work for, and at all times should act accordingly! When I am running errands, and off the clock, I always represent my business. You never know if the person you meet may become a customer. This approach works, because making a good first impression on someone will increase the chance of them remembering you when the time comes. I am an HVAC tech and wear that hat all afternoon every afternoon, metaphorically speaking. If someone asks a question about their A/C I answer it happily. If they ask for directions, I will give them directions written down on the back of my business card. If someone doesn’t need HVAC help today, they may still need it in the future. I want them to think of me. Building word of mouth takes a long time, especially with something like an HVAC business. If you do your job well people don’t need you again for a long time. If I fix your A/C once, I will stand behind my work and won’t charge you again if it breaks down. This is the sort of word of mouth that will get us a lot of HVAC business over time, however it does take a lot of time. If you need HVAC work, give us a call!


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