Getting the heat fixed in our little church.

For years, our family has attended the same small church.

I’m not just talking about just our immediate family though.

My siblings plus mother go to that church also. We have for years. It’s a bad country church with a small plus bad congregation plus sometimes I wonder how the church survives. With a little help, I guess, and for example, last Wintertide our sibling got married in our little church. The month before the anniversary ceremony, the church started having complications with the central oil furnace. We live in a subtropical area plus heat is provided by heating coils installed in central air conditioner units. Since our winters are short plus mild, that’s all both of us absolutely need here. But, the month before our sibling’s anniversary, the heating coil went out on the church’s a/c equipment plus the space furnaces were brought out. We couldn’t use space furnaces for our sibling’s anniversary but it was going to be in the fifty degree range that day plus that is freezing for us… Yet, our sibling was determined not to change the arena at such a late date. So, I went on our local public social media place plus asked for help for our little church. There absolutely are some fantastic people out there plus a local Heating plus Air Conditioning company responded to our post the same day. He gave to do the work for free plus even promised a discount on parts. The heating coil didn’t absolutely cost all that much plus the day before our sibling’s anniversary, the heat was up plus running in the church again. This is how the church gets by, I guess.

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