I ended up recommending that our child take his date to an aquarium

I couldn’t assume it when our child came to myself and others asking where he should go on a date with his lady.

I personally never thought to ask our parents where I should go on a date, however commonly youngsters would want to go to the movies or something like that.

I used to like going on dates to the drive-in, but I realize that drive-in movie theatres no longer exist for the most part. It was consistently nice because you could have your car running with the perfect temperature control settings in your car, and or you could have a blanket if it was a bit cold and that was the perfect date in our eyeah. I thought about it and then I told our child that maybe he could go to the aquarium. I thought he was going to roll his eyeah thinking it was a dumb idea, but he thought it was a marvelous idea! I genuinely felt like I was helpful and he and his lady genuinely did go to the aquarium. They took pictures together in front of the penguins and they even took pictures with the sea lions. It was genuinely cool and they had such a great time. The only complaint he had was the fact that the place was kind of humid. He said he wished they used a dehumidifier or something, but it made sense that it was humid due to all the water exhibits in an aquarium. He said it also would have been nice if they had a powerful air purification method to improve the smell, because there was that fish smell, but other than that they had a fantastic time.


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