I put ductless mini splits in my childrens’ rooms to get rid of old nasty window units

I was extremely grateful when my parents told my wife and I to move into their old house.

My wife and I had lived in a tiny apartment with our son and daughter for the past seven years.

They have been forced to share a bedroom, despite their occasional frustration with one another. My parents had just bought a new house, but I had assumed their plan was to sell the old one to help pay for the new house. It almost moved me to tears when they explained that it had been their plan to give the house to us whenever they settled on a new house for themselves. I am so grateful for the love and support I get from my parents. Despite this house’s old age, it’s a huge step up from the rundown apartment that we came from. Still, there are a few updates I want to make inside to get this house a bit more comfortable. The first order of business is updating the central heating and cooling system. Right now there’s a half broken central air conditioner with window air conditioners in every bedroom. Instead of getting a new central HVAC system, I decided to get rid of the window a/c machines and replaced them with ductless mini splits. That meant having zone controlled heating and cooling in every room of the house. The window a/cs in my childrens’ rooms were particularly moldy, so I’m glad to get them out of the house and replace them with something more powerful and energy efficient. Since it creates zone control throughout, everyone can have their personal temperature preferences when they’re in their bedrooms.

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