I tried getting the squirrels out of my aunt’s ductwork

Visiting at my Aunt’s cabin is always an interesting experience.

Her cabin is absolutely sizable and absolutely old, with just as many quirks as my Aunt.

Last Summer I stayed with her for a few days. It was supposed to be to visit, however then it turned into a ”working vacation”. I helped her with a lot of repairs and adjustments to her place. She can be quite the comedian. Since the place is so sizable and she is in a wheelchair, most of the rooms haven’t even been entered in weeks! It turns out that squirrels had gotten into the air duct at some point, and built a home. I have no experience with HVAC systems or air ducts, but this issue didn’t have to do with the equipment. It was about the squirrels! Of course, I had about as much comprehension about squirrels as I do air conditioners. However, with the pets I felt I could figure something out. I tried luring them out of the air duct with food, which did not work! Next, I tried using mouse traps, which I put around all of the air vents. The squirrels either outsmarted the traps or avoided them. Squirrels are much stronger than mice. It was apparent they were not coming out of the air ducts no matter what! I must have spent days just chasing squirrels through air ducts. Honestly, I don’t think I ever got rid of a single of them. I thought I would just seal off those air vents and ducts, and check back later to see if the squirrels were gone.

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