Last year’s HVAC convention was a blast

Now that the big annual HVAC convention is not happening this year I feel pretty bummed about it! This is fantastic work, with fantastic pay, however it’s not exactly thrilling.

The HVAC convention was the one time a year all of us could absolutely break down on the company’s nickel.

Thanks for nothing, COVID. I was excited about spending the weekend in the City That Never Sleeps. However, maybe next year will be better! Last year we had the most fun ever in one weekend. That was all thanks to the HVAC convention! During the days there were conferences and talks and product reveals. There were talks about different HVAC systems and products as well. After the meeting when the clock struck 4 it was party time. The only issue I had the whole time there was getting washed up and sober in time for the first HVAC meeting the next day. However, when I came back to town I had the entire flight to memorize all of the printed materials and specs for HVAC products. I could easily act like I had been paying attention. In fact, I went to the HVAC meetings still drunk. All I could do was close my eyes and try to maintain the room from spinning! But the materials they printed were so comprehensive that anyone could fake it pretty well. Like I said, I’ve been thinking about past HVAC conventions a lot this year. Perhaps it is just wishful thinking here. There is a virtual HVAC conference, however no one cares?

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