My grandmother had squirrels in the ductwork of her condo

Squirrels are obviously much stronger than rats

Staying at our Grandmothers condo is consistently an interesting experience. The condo is honestly big and very old, and has its own personality as Grandmother does. Over the summer I stayed with her for a few weeks, at first to visit, however then it turned into a ”work trip” quickly. I offered my help to her to make a lot of repairs and adjustments to her old condo. She is amazing, however since the condo is so big and she is disabled, most of the rooms haven’t even been used often. I found out that squirrels had gotten into the HVAC duct at some point, and built a little colony. I have no idea how an HVAC works, but I do know this issue didn’t have to do with the equipment. The issue was the critters. Of course, I had about as much knowledge about squirrels as I do HVAC ducts. I thought maybe I could work something out. I tried luring them out of the HVAC duct with treats, however that did not work. I tried using mouse traps, which I put inside all of the air vents. The squirrels avoided them completely. Squirrels are obviously much stronger than rats. They were not coming out of the air ducts no matter what I tried! I must have spent two full weeks chasing squirrels through air ducts, and who knows if I even got rid of one of them. I figured I would just seal off those air vents and ducts and see if that works.

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