My mom says that there’s a cold spot in her house

My mom called me the other day and started complaining to me about the fact that there is a cold spot in her house.

She actually ends up calling me to complain about everything.

I guess you could say that I’m her sounding board, so to speak. She doesn’t like to complain to my dad about stuff like that, because then he will go and get out his toolbox and try to fix things himself. If you know my dad, then you know that he is not the guy that you want messing around with your heating and cooling system. He always ends up tearing things up even worse than they were to begin with whenever he’s trying to fix something around the house. Anyway, my mom was complaining to me about this cold spot and I told her that usually if you have a cold spot in a room, it’s because there’s a gap or a crack in your ductwork somewhere. If there’s a crack in your ductwork, then the heating or cooling from your furnace or A/C system is just going to leak out into the uninhabited areas of your house where the ductwork is, like the attic or the basement. When my mom heard that, she said that she was going to call her local HVAC company and have them come out to do some ductwork sealing for her. She really didn’t like the idea of heating the attic all winter while the other parts of the house had cold spots. I’m glad she’s calling the HVAC company instead of telling my dad!


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