My sister’s house smells like grease and smoke

My sister thinks that she is a fine pastry chef. She bakes cakes and pies literally all the time, but I think that she ends up burning half of the things that she makes. She insists that she’s learning and getting better at baking all the time, but sometimes I wonder about her! She’s just not cut out to be a baker, and no matter what she does or how much she practices, it doesn’t really seem to help her get any better. The last time I walked into her house, I couldn’t believe how terrible the indoor air quality in her house was. I asked her what was going on in the house and she just looked at me like I was crazy. She said that there was nothing going on and that she had just replaced her air filters the week before. She said that she thought that the air filters would take care of any of the problems that her baking would be causing her indoor air quality to have. I told her that even though the air filters would probably help out a little, I could still tell that there was definitely an issue with the indoor air quality the second that I walked in the door of her house. I think at this point, she’s going to have to do a little bit more than just change her air filters every now and then. I think that she should start using HEPA filters, first of all. And on top of that, I think that if she’s going to keep on doing all of this baking stuff that she insists on doing, then she’s going to have to invest in a whole home air purification system.
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