My wife would not let me get a vintage sports car that didn’t have A/C

I’ve always been a fan of muscle cars and vintage sports cars.

I went to go looking for a nice car to get, and I saw this really fancy vintage car that I fell in love with right away.

I decided to take the car for a test drive with my wife. I was saying how perfect the car was and how much I wanted it, but then she was asking me how to turn on the A/C system. Well, it turns out that this car did not have a built in A/C system, and my wife was shocked. We had to drive around with the windows open and she told me I would be a fool to invest in a car that didn’t have any air conditioning, no matter how nice it was. I figured she was right about that even though I did really love the car. When I spoke to the people at the dealer, I was saying how much I loved the car but I told them how we felt about the lack of an air conditioner. They said I was losing out because they don’t make cars like that anymore. I even considered for a moment if I could somehow have an A/C system installed or maybe just use a portable A/C system in the car, but my wife told me I was being ridiculous. I ended up getting a more modern sports car that was really nice, and had a great climate control system. My wife thought we should have a family car, but she didn’t give me a hard time because at least the climate control system worked great.

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