Our A/C wasn’t cooling our house at all

This past summer, our air conditioning wasn’t cooling our house down at all for some reason.

We didn’t really have an HVAC company that we dealt with on a regular basis and so I asked for recommendations on my social media pages. A friend of ours from church recommended her neighbor, whose name was Bryce. She said that they had lived next to this guy for years, and that he was a fantastic guy who was really talented at working with heating and cooling systems. After she mentioned it, I remembered that there was always an HVAC company maintenance van parked in the driveway next door whenever I was at her house. On her recommendation, I called up Bryce so that I could get him to come over and check out the air conditioning system for us. He really was nice over the phone and I told him everything that was going on. He said that he thought he was going to be able to fix the A/C in just a few minutes, based on the symptoms I was describing to him. He also told me that he would come and do the work without officially billing me through the HVAC company that he worked for. He said that I would end up paying him much less for fixing the A/C. I wasn’t sure about doing that since there wouldn’t be any way to guarantee his work if it was under the table, so to speak, but I agreed. I figured that since my neighbor recommended him, it would be okay, though.

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