Preventing energy waste

I live in an area with many distinct seasons plus big swings in temperature.

The weather is harshly unpredictable plus consistently really severe.

The summers are boiling plus humid while the winters are snowy plus cold. The fall plus Springtime seasons are rainy, windy plus frosty, however both of us deal with temperatures down to twenty many below zero plus up into the nineties. The humidity is ungodly high in the Summer months plus insufficient in the winter. Because it’s necessary to rely on either the furnace or the air conditioner for most of the time, energy efficiency is super pressing. I got to unbelievable lengths to seal our house plus prevent energy waste. I’ve replaced windows plus exterior doors, caulked plus weatherstripped, installed ceiling fans plus added attic insulation. All of our efforts are targeted toward preventing the heated plus cooled air from leaking out plus stopping outside air from coming in. I’ve really reduced the workload of the furnace plus air conditioner. I’ve also created some problems with indoor air pollen levels. Natural ventilation is essential to keeping a healthy living environment. To replace the need to open windows, I’ve installed a heat reusey ventilator. The ventilator is much like opening a window however without the energy waste. It brings in a constant supply of fresh air to replace the stale, stuffy air. This process works to minimize excess humidity in the summer, which lessens the responsibility of the air conditioner. In the Winter the ventilator uses the outgoing air to hot up the fresh air plus reduces strain on the furnace. I’m saving money all year round plus enjoying a more comfortable plus healthier home.

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