Using rooftop solar panels to heat a pool in the Winter time season

After six years of diligent saving, my wifey plus I finally got to use our new swimming pool for the unquestionably first time.

We’ve had the new pool under construction for the past week while the pool upgrade supplier builds it from the ground up.

Despite the additional costs, we chose ornate ceramic tiles for the base of the swimming pool. All of us could have saved cash by forgoing some of the unnecessary aesthetic splurges, however we wanted to add as much value to the apartment as possible. I couldn’t be happier with the result. It looks adore a immense plus exquisite piece of artwork. I can’t wait to use the new swimming pool all year round. Despite residing in a sizzling climate, we still tend to get chilly weather throughout the Winter time season. Even if it’s only 65 degrees outside, the water is going to be too chilly to use for swimming. All of us bought a furnace for the swimming pool, however not just any gas furnace. This pool furnace derives its power from a series of solar panels that were installed on the top of our house’s roof. During the afternoon, these panels soak up energy from the sunlight plus convert it into electricity to charge a battery that powers the furnace for our swimming pool. As long as it hasn’t been afternoons of overcast weather, these solar panels give us on demand heat for our swimming pool during the chilly Winter time season. They’re completely self-sufficient plus unquestionably power the pool’s gas furnace. I wish I could get solar energy for the rest of my house, & solar panels on the top of a vehicle someday in the far-off future.


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