Warmer areas need more air conditioning

I recently decided to move farther south.

I originally grew up in the southern part of my state, which meant I was close to the beach.

I was living in the northern space for over fifteen years. I moved there because my spouse wanted to, but I got divorced from him. I still lived in the northern space for 6 years after the divorce, and one thing I forgot about from my southern days, though, was how much more I needed the air conditioning system! Don’t get me wrong, I used the air conditioning system all the time while living in the northern section, but my terrible air conditioning system down here in the southern half just never shuts off. If you go out in the middle of the night, it’s still 78 degrees! The thermostat setting on the air conditioning system is now 73, but I like 71. It’s just too valuable to keep running the air conditioning system all day and all night. The only problem I discovered with setting the thermostat higher was that I just couldn’t sleep! At night, I wanted more air conditioning. In fact, if I could get it to blow right on me, that would have been ideal. I decided that a blissful medium would be to go get myself a portable air conditioning system or possibly a window air conditioning system unit. I headed out to the apartment store and I decided to supplement the central cooling with a small window air conditioning system for my home office. It has worked out really well and I am getting a nice night’s sleep every day.