A mix up at the factory

Every Tuesday, I get a shipment from the warehouse on the east coast.

The shipment contains multiple shop supplies and all of the HVAC equipment or machines that we ordered the previous week.

I always keep a couple of weird makes and models in the showroom, however most specialty items are custom ordered. One of our best patrons has an indoor greenhouse. We order special sized air filters for the greenhouse. We earn a shipment of the air filters monthly for that customer. This week the order from the company was all wrong. I did not earn any of the items that I usually order and that includes those air filters, when I called the corporation, they could not find my invoice number. Even when I slowly learned the invoice number, they still could not find it anywhere in the system. I had to talk on the phone with the company for 2 hours before both of us figured out the problem. When they tracked down our order, the items had to be shipped back to the supply house plus then over to me. By the time our client got the air filters that she ordered, she was ready to look for another HVAC equipment business. I tried to tell the girl that it was a mixup at the factory, but she was exasperated after waiting 2 extra weeks. I understand the girl’s frustration. I easily wasn’t glad that the rest of our order was late either! Unfortunately, these problems can occur from time to time plus there is not any way to avoid them.