Gerry Gets a Job

Gerry, who had decided to go to school at the tech center and study heating and cooling technology, was anxiously awaiting the results of the state HVAC certification test.

The state department in charge of such things was just entering the world of online convenience, so test results were not yet available online or through email.

All the students who took the HVAC certification test had to wait and receive their results through regular old mail – what we jokingly call “snail mail” these days. It was an anxious time for him, as he was dependent on passing that HVAC test so he could get a job. Even though he was still young, he was tired of living off his mom and dad; he was really wanting to move into his own apartment, but that meant he needed an actual job that paid enough to live on. That’s where passing the HVAC exam came into play. He was thinking once he got the passing score report, he could begin his hunt for a heating and cooling position. Little did he know that his teachers had already secured a position for him at one of the larger HVAC companies in town. His teachers liked Gerry so much that they decided to reach out to some of the contacts they had in the HVAC world and let people know about Gerry’s good qualities. It turned out that one of their friends who owned an HVAC company was looking for some new employees, and he asked them to let him know when they heard whether or not Gerry passed the HVAC test.