Gerry Works Hard in his School

About six months after Gerry graduated from high school and applied to study in the HVAC program at the local technical college, he found himself hard at work learning the ins and outs of residential heating and cooling technology and repair. He was pretty happy about his choice to study HVAC, and he was determined to make something of his life. Both his mother and father had completed their education with high school, and even though trade school isn’t exactly college, it is something that at least provides skills to support a decent life. In any event, he had to keep his job at McDonald’s, but he decided that his first priority was going to be the HVAC program, so if his boss tried to make him work during school hours or stay super late when he had to fix an air conditioner in the morning, or anything like that, he stuck up for himself and refused to work. HIs HVAC teacher turned out to be a friend of his high school English teacher, so she kept up with his progress. Eighteen months later, Gerry completed all the requirements in the HVAC program, and he also chose to sign up for an HVAC certification test preparation class. Although the class was kind of boring, he was afraid he might not pass the certification exam, and if that happened, all his hard work in his heating and cooling technology classes would have been a waste of time. Every HVAC company expected its employees to be certified, so passing the test was vital to Gerry’s success.