I can’t wait to get my own A/C one day

I guess I really don’t need an A/C, but I still wish that I had one! I really can’t believe that my parents are so ridiculous about me having an A/C. They literally banned me from owning an air conditioner. Literally, an A/C is really the only thing that I wanted in my room. I live in the South, & the high temperatures in the South are insanely hot in the summer and I didn’t want to have to deal with the hot temperatures down here without having any A/C. But for some reason, my parents refuse to have central air conditioning in our house. We have been living without any A/C for a very long time. I think it has been absolutely miserable. I have absolutely no good reason why they won’t just buy us an A/C system. In their defense, though, they finally did buy a few window A/C units. Those have to stay in certain rooms, though. There’s now a window A/C in the living room and one in our kitchen, but for some reason they think it’s okay there but not in my room. I thought that it was absolutely absurd that they had a window unit in any room but they won’t let me have an A/C when I’m the one who is dying to get one! I have really begged to get a window unit A/C, but they won’t let me. Even when I said that I would pay for it myself, they still refused! I’m so hot that it’s miserable, but I guess I don’t have to have an A/C unit. I will just try and survive until the day I’m old enough to move out. When that happens, I’m getting out of this area! I’m moving and I’m going to live somewhere where I can buy my own A/C unit and run it as much as I want!
HVAC worker