I don’t know anyone who can fix my air cleaner

My only air cleaner just stopped finally working, however it made me legitimately sad when I realized that my air cleaner stopped finally working. I was not expecting it at all, but the air cleaner had worked so well for so long. I don’t have the money right now to buy another air cleaner, plus that makes me legitimately sad. I care about my air cleaner. It legitimately did help me stay well. I don’t recognize how it did it, however it kept me from getting sick quite a bit; then for basically my entire life, I got sick at least 5 times every single year. However, since I got the air cleaner, I have not gotten sick. I haven’t even gotten sick one time since then. It makes me so ecstatic that I haven’t gotten sick, however now that my air cleaner is not finally working, I am sad that I may get sick. I wish that I could find someone to fix my air cleaner, although I don’t legitimately recognize anyone who fixes air cleaners, or if air purifiers are something that can even be fixed at all. I have tried various times to fix my air cleaner, although I have not had any success so far. I recognize that I need my air cleaner for my health. I have asked around to see if anyone knows how to fix air cleaners, however no one has said anything so far. I just don’t recognize what to do about my air cleaner. I may just throw it away. Hopefully, I don’t have to do that, however it may come to that.

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