I’m buying an A/C when I move

I don’t need an a/c but I really wish I had one! Can you believe that my parents literally banned me from owning an a/c! Literally, an a/c was the only thing that I ever wanted in our room.

I live in the southern part of the country, & the temperatures in the South are ridiculously hot.

I didn’t want to have to deal with the warmer temperatures of this area without an a/c. But my parents refuse to get a central a/c in our house. We have all been living without an a/c for a very long time, & it has been so annoying to me. I don’t have a clue why my parents refuse to buy a central a/c. In their defense, they did buy a few window a/c units for the house, but these window a/c units have to stay in particular rooms; They have a window a/c in their bedroom, & they also have a window a/c in the entryway. I thought that it was just dumb to buy window unit A/C systems for all the other rooms, but now one for my bedroom! I mean, I have been begging for a window a/c. I have begged to get a window a/c for years, but they have declined. I even offered to pay for the a/c myself, but they still refused to let me get one. I am so irritated, although I don’t really need an a/c. I can still survive without an a/c until I am able to move away from this stupid place anyway. But believe me, as soon as I am old enough to move out, I am going to move out & buy an a/c.

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