It’s been a great year

I have to say that I am very blessed and glad that I had a good year at my business.

I work in heating and air conditioning and I am an independent certified HVAC contractor with my own HVAC company.

With all the crazy stuff that has been going on in the world this year it is a miracle that I had a really good year with my heating and air conditioning business. I had many heating and cooling system tune up and check ups. And I even had a few brand new central heating and air conditioning system installations on top of my usual expected business. So things turned out really well. When all the craziness started I honestly did not expect to do very well this year and actually thought that this could potentially be the end of my heating and air conditioning business. It was by a full blown miracle that this was not the case. While many businesses seen themselves going out of business this year, I was the complete reverse. I guess when you are dealing in something like heating and air conditioning that is a life need, you will not go down no matter how bad things are on the economic market. I was very lucky to have chosen a career as a certified heating and air conditioning specialist. Had I not, who knows where I would be right now! All I do know is that most likely it would not have been a very pretty site all around.

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