My room is way too hot without the A/C

I didn’t even think that I could be grounded from an air conditioner, but I guess that’s my parents’ new plan for punishing me.

I think that it is absolutely ridiculous. I wish that they would have grounded me from my phone or my car! But I guess when I think about it, grounding me from the A/C is actually the most effective way to make sure that I am properly punished for my actions. I have a window air conditioner in my room which I love. I am absolutely thankful that our parents decided to buy me a window air conditioner, but our family lives in the South, and so for us, having an air conditioner is absolutely necessary. They did not buy me the A/C unit that I wanted at first, but eventually, they bought me the window air conditioner as a gift for my birthday last year. I enjoy colder weather and cold temperatures, and I guess they finally realized that. I was so thankful for the air conditioner, however I never even realized that they might use the air conditioner as leverage for me! I think once I realized that, I discovered that I wasn’t as happy about the air conditioner anymore after all. Honestly, I cannot believe that they have done this. They didn’t want to just take the air conditioner out of the window, because they believed that it would be too much work for them to do! So instead, they turned off the breaker that controlled our air conditioner. And since the A/C breaker box is in our dad’s office, there is no way that I could turn the air conditioner back on without him knowing about it! I am allowed to do anything else in our room, however the room itself is so darn hot that I don’t even want to be in there.


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