Remodeling causes concerns with air conditioner system

My husband and I recently tackled a important remodeling project.

The two of us tore our home office out completely.

The two of us removed all of the cupboards, light fixtures and appliances and took the walls and ceilings down to the bare studs. Our current design required us to move the plumbing to relocate the sink, and all of us wanted to update all the electrical wires to meet code. The two of us installed a current refrigerator, stove, dishwasher, microwave and sink. The two of us added current cupboards with a tile countertop and recessed lighting. The renovations took us multiple months to complete. It was severely inconvenient living without access to a toiling home office, then plus, every stage of the process created so much dust and debris. The tear down was filthy. Once all of us finished the drywall, mudding and sanding caused excessive dust. Although all of us tried to keep plastic over the doorways, the filth went everywhere. Although all of us waited to beginning the project until the end of September, the weather was unusually sizzling and humid. The two of us went without air conditioner the whole time to prevent contaminants from getting inside the HVAC duct. The two of us opened windows and took luck of natural ventilation and made sure to cover all of the supply vents in the home office. The two of us still had concerns with the cooling plan once all of us started it back up again. The two of us noticed that the cooling plan wasn’t supplying as much air as normal and making a lot of noise. I changed the air filter multiple times right in a row, and it was consistently clogged and dirty. The two of us ended up scheduling an appointment with a licensed Heating, Ventilation, and A/C company for a complete air conditioner system service, including duct plan cleaning.

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