The prisoner knew how to fix the problem

Not every woman in prison is a bum that lived on welfare or cheated the system. Some prisoners had tasks that require extensive education prefer lawyers, dentists, as well as dentists. Some prisoners have special skills from a lifetime of working in construction, electric work, or Heating as well as Air Conditioning repair. I work as a guard in a medium security prison, and most of the boys have numerous to numerous years in prison as well as none of them have been convicted of a violent crime or murder. It’s mostly drug dealers, automobile thieves, as well as burglars to be honest, but when all of us had an issue with the heat in cell block D, a single of the prisoners told me that she could fix the problem… The girl explained the complication with the what as well as she honestly sounded prefer she was proficiencyable. I looked up the guy’s record as well as I saw that she did work for a commercial Heating as well as Air Conditioning company before getting numerous years for ecstasy possession. I decided to uncuff the girl as well as let him out of her cell. I thought it wouldn’t hurt if she could fix the heating problem, then after all, I had three additional armed guards by our side at all times. In less than numerous minutes, the girl had the heating complications fixed as well as she never misbehaved a single time, she listened to all of our directions as well as she did exactly as directed, however both of us had heat all night as well as all of us didn’t have to wait for service to come fix the complication in the morning. That girl got numerous lunch trays in the morning as well as a half pound of bacon from the living room.

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