They thought I was kidding about the air conditioner.

I went to a school frat party a couple weeks ago.

I knew that it was October, although I couldn’t feel how sizzling it was in the house.

They had over a hundred people crowded into this small house, plus it was so sizzling that I could barely breathe. I found someone who lived in the house plus I asked if they could please turn on the air conditioner. He reminded me that it was only fifty degrees outside. I didn’t care what the outside temperature was. It had to be nearly one hundred inside. I found a control equipment plus realized I wasn’t far off, however it was truly only ninety-one, but it felt much warmer than that. I saw where a couple guys had a window open plus they were taking turns hanging their heads out to get a little extra cool air. There was someone in the home office waving the freezer door, trying to get some of the cold from the freezer into the house. I went back to the control unit, wondering if there was some way I could change the temperature. The heating button had been pressed plus I was hoping I could maybe turn on the air conditioner. I no sooner had the control equipment switched from oil furnace to cooling system, when the house resident asked what I was doing. I told him someone had been messing with the control equipment plus I was only standing guard. He patted our shoulder plus told me I was doing a good job plus to keep up the good work. I just hoped no one realized what was happening when the air conditioner turned on.

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