Virtual house call for AC repair

During a pandemic, a lot of things can change. For one, many businesses have to replan how they are going to operate their company. A lot of people don’t do well with change. One thing I never thought about was how a pandemic might affect an AC repair company. A few months into the most recent pandemic, I noticed that a lot of companies seemed to be adapting well. I had an issue with my new smart thermostat and called the HVAC repair company immediately. I was not sure what to expect with the recent events of the world, but I was sure that I needed to have someone look at the smart thermostat because this was the fourth day in a row that it was stuck on 80 degrees. I had a friendly HVAC technician look at the smart thermostat for me. In no time, he was able to help me diagnose the issue of the thermostat that seemed to be stuck on one temperature for days. The virtual call was awesome, and I was so happy that they were able to figure this out for the sake of their company and the safety of others. It is so nice to see companies take a problem and make a solid solution. Using a virtual call platform to do small HVAC repairs is a great tool to keep even after the pandemic has passed. Virtual house calls for AC repair are safe, fast, and effective at any time.


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