Windows and Fresh Air This Time of Year

We are now almost to Thanksgiving, and it is a wonderful time of year down here in the beautiful southeast.

  • Everyone loves living here, and we certainly have our share of tourists in our beautiful state, but by this time of year, just about all of us southerners are getting pretty darn tired of the relentless heat.

We are also tired of the high cooling bills. Sometimes, a bit later in the year, we are forced to start using the heater, but sometimes we never really have to. That makes autumn the favorite season of just about everyone around here. Young girls like to don themselves in cozy sweaters and tall boots. Moms like to stop in the drive-thru for a pumpkin spice latte. I, as a more senior southerner, am thrilled just to be able to open the windows and turn off the air conditioning. Cooling our homes around here is serious business, and we pay a lot to the utility department for the privilege of running the a/c. Even our dogs and cats like to hog the a/c most of the year. You can find many a tail-wagger sprawled out across the a/c air vents that are on the floor. If the a/c air vent is in the ceiling, the animals do their best to try to sit under them! I even like to try to get to the beach once or twice during this cooler weather. It’s not the time to go swimming, but there is something lovely about the waves and the non-crowded spaces. Welcome fall, y’all!
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