Always on the hunt for that HVAC cool spot

I know that this pst summer has been one of the warmest ones for me personally. The heat outside was pretty much it’s normal oppressive mix of blazing. However, inside my house, I was much warmer than normal. This has everything to do with working from home this year. The pandemic made it so that I couldn’t work from the perfectly HVAC controlled office I have downtown. So, it was the HVAC at home that was going to be my work environment. Perhaps I could have dialed the HVAC cooling down to the levels I experience at my proper office. But, the fact that I would have to lower the temp throughout the house was not so appealing given the cost of HVAC cooling. Add to that the fact that our household income was reduced due to the pandemic and I was all about HVAC setting discipline. This resulted in me trying to find the HVAC cool spots elsewhere throughout the week. During the worst of the heat, I would start work before the sun came up and keep going through early afternoon. This is when the peak heating would get going and my home office would be really warm. I took this opportunity to go do errands before coming home and wrapping up my day’s work. This is also when I would find the places where the HVAC cooling was banging. I would purposely order my errands so I could hit all of the coolest spots in town to soak up free HVAC cooling. Hot weather and HVAC setting control will make a person creative when it comes to finding the coolest spots.

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