Enjoying riding my bike

When I moved down south I realized that I bought a house right near a bike path.

The bike route is totally paved, shaded by trees and goes on for miles.

You can ride without any stops and no cars coming up behind you. I figured it was fate pushing me towards riding a bike. I am always down to be more physical and healthy. Getting into bike riding was surprisingly easy. I actually spent a little more money to have a good bike. I got a kickstand, water bottle mount and a basket added to my bike for convenience. I bought a phone holder and a sound doc online to make my riding experience more fun too. I now love riding my bike for a workout. I load up my yoga mat and towel in my bike basket. I have a cold bottle of water on my mount. I also have hands free music with my phone and doc mounted to my bike. I can ride out to the local soccer field and then I take out my yoga mat to stretch and do some leg and butt drills. After I am there for maybe thirty minutes, I turn around and ride my bike home. It is a really easy, fun workout. I also like that anytime I want to get something at the store, drop off a bank deposit or pick up a partition, it is really easy to leave. I just jump on my bike and take off. I am way more healthy now that I rely on that for transportation.
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