Gas should be better

I like the gas furnace so much better.

For years I just made due with an old school oil furnace in my home, however that is the gas furnace that came with the house when I bought it! I figured adjusting to a different fuel type would be unquestionably invasive, ultra time consuming and extravagant. I hated that my oil furnace needed an on site oil tank all the time. It looked hideous and took up so much room. The fumes from the oil furnace were not exactly pleasant to deal with either. The worst was the fear of not having heat though, then sadly waiting for oil shipments in the Winter was consistently a nail biting experience, but I can tell you that occasionally the shipment got delayed, lost or on back order. It was consistently horrible to always worry that my family would be chilly during the holiday season. I finally decided once and for all that I was willing to do anything to get a gas furnace instead. The local Heating and Air Conditioning business I called up was just fantastic. The woman I talked to was superb at explaining the process and she said it wouldn’t be a sizable deal to change it for us. The oil tank was unfastened and gas hookups and flue network were installed quickly. I like the gas furnace so much better. The old gas furnace needs to be frequently cleaned and tested to make sure it doesn’t rapidly overheat. It could leak carbon monoxide or catch on fire, and since I am seriously such a neat freak, this isn’t a worry. The furnace operates reliably for us all year long and I never worry about my family being cold. I even signed up for brand new yearly heating maintenance services to ensure that I don’t have any accidental heating mishaps.

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