Heating plus Air Conditioning cooling is also a humidity control

That too is then tired outside

If you live in a region where the heat plus humidity are a large deal then I’m sure you are as thankful as I am for modern Heating plus Air Conditioning. I simply can’t begin to imagine just how difficult it had to have been to get through heat season 71 or 71 years ago. I wonder if that boomboxtype of the southerner rocking in a chair under a fan during the heat of the day comes from that seasoned reality. I simply can’t imagine getting a whole lot accomplished if I had to deal with that level of heat plus humidity armed with a fan. My Grandpa used to tell stories about how the community she lived in thought they were extravagant because they had a swamp cooler. A swamp cooler is an evaporative cooler that mildly reduces the temperature indoors. However, it is nothing compared to the modern day Heating plus Air Conditioning heat pump. Plus, our heat pumps are doing more than simply cooling the air inside our homes. While the Heating plus Air Conditioning is cooling the air, it’s also balancing out the humidity. It’s just part of the process plus the people I was with and I get that benefit automatically. The heat pump starts the cooling process by removing warm air energy from inside the house. It then exhausts that heat energy outside through the Heating plus Air Conditioning cottageet outside the house. Well, as it is doing this, it’s also removing large chunks of moisture along with that heat energy. That too is then tired outside. That leaves the apartment with a much more balanced humidity level. This also means that the people I was with and I have to deal with a lot less mold & mildew.

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