I wish the boss didn’t insist we bid low on the job

I work on a construction crew as a general laborer.

I’m still studying a good amount about Construction and contracts, even though I work super hard to soak up as much information as I can.

I have been working for the same construction dealer for a pretty long while. During that time, I have serviced a number of projects. I would easily be in charge of my own crew by now if I had my dealer’s license. Unluckily, I do not have the currency to take the test. I still have a really good comprehension that comes in handy. My boss wanted myself and others to quote a construction job. I went to speak with the customer and I spent half an hour making sure that I had everything correct. I told my boss that I figured the quote for the job should be approximately $4,500. My boss said the amount was definitely too high and he told myself and others to call the customer and quote the job at $3,100. I sincerely did not want to argue with our boss about the contract, even though I knew it was going to take our construction crew a minimum of four days to complete the work. I made an attempt to protest, however our boss insisted that he was absolutely right. The construction job is going to begin on Thursday and I am already sad that the group of us are going to lose a huge amount of currency. Thank goodness even though I get paid by the hour. Unluckily, a lot of the general dealers that the group of us hire work on piece rate. We are going to need these people to accept an unquestionably low offer for their assistance.