Look-Alike Living Room Furniture from Furniture Chain Stores

I have recently begun the hunt for new furniture.

The leather chairs I had in the living room reached a catastrophic end when the swivel mechanism went haywire and I ended up with my butt on the floor one night.

So now, all I have in the living room are my leather couch and three wood chairs borrowed from around my wood table in the dining room. It looks ridiculous, but to tell you the truth, I have been to every furniture store in my small city, and I haven’t found anything I really like yet. All the furniture seems to be look-alike furniture in the chain stores, and I am sick of looking at the same thing everywhere I go. The problem is that I have no interior design ideas. I can’t tell tuscan beauty from southwest style and don’t get me started on transitional sophistication or European furniture. I just don’t know what all that means! I have considered hiring a designer to get some interior design help, but when I think of breaking the bank with that kind of expense, I get concerned about whether it is really worth it. My former husband used to like wood furniture, so we had a lot of oak furniture, but I don’t think that look seems very feminine. Since I live by myself, I would like my house to reflect me, and since I’m a woman, I don’t particularly want masculine wood chairs and oak furniture. My friend has suggested that I look through Pinterest, find things I like, and get custom built furniture that is just mine. I like that idea, and I am now saving up.

Leather couches