Smart products make me unhappy

I decided to add all smart components to my home.

  • I got security cameras, a new door bell, smoke detector and a control component that are all smart products.

They actually all are on the smart app that I can run on my iPhone, computer and kindle. In theory, I think that this should be an amazing thing. I am supposed to be able to set weekly programs for each and every thing. I can get alerts on concerns. The cameras let myself and others know exactly when there is movement. The doorbell shows a real time image of someone standing on my front step. The smoke detector lets myself and others know exactly when it detects heat. My smart control component should tell myself and others about ongoing humidity concerns, air quality concerns, air filter fluctuations or all manner of inefficient Heating and Air Conditioning settings. The concern is that I am too stupid for my smart products. It took myself and others forever to download the management app and get all my products on there. Now organizing timed programs has been a major issue. I never know what system is alerting myself and others and what to do about it. I frequently have my smart control component set at 90 degrees and then I find that I have to frantically mess with it. I seem to either have it severely heating or entirely turned off. I don’t know what I am doing wrong. My doorbell camera even regularly alerts myself and others when there is a squirrel running on my front porch.I should be able to save currency and have more security with these smart products. The key word is should though.


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