We have a good time

My good Grandpa first started the family printing business back in the day.

She & my good Grandma immigrated to this country with unquestionably few personal possessions & little money.

The business grew steadily because of my Grandpa’s skill. At the time, she did the majority of the work by hand. She steadily invested into so many bigger & better machines. At one point, one of the best buyers was the local motion picture plex. When a new motion picture was stressed to be shown, my good Grandpa was then hired to print advertising flyers & my Grandma & her sister rode their bicycles together all over town, handing them out. The business has actually grown & progressed since then. We’ve added PCs & commercial-sized digital printers to the business. We’ve branched out to include printing on a wide range of materials, including a lot of glass, metal & wood. A good deal of our business is screen printing & digital printing on high quality garments. Every one of us print jerseys for athletic activities teams, polo shirts for corporations in the area, safety vests for construction companies & all sorts of sweaters, pants, shirts & so much more. Every one of us have also seen an increase in requests for pricey invitations for bridal showers, ceremonies & anniversaries. Every one of us also handles the print material for the majority of the local steakhouses & tea shops! Just recently we’ve even branched out into the print material for cannabis dispensaries. We’ve needed to continue to educate ourselves on the laws & regulations for proper wording on marketing materials & carefully labeling for the various products. This has opened up a new opportunity for us, and we’re very happy for the business. .


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