I knew I needed AC, but not what kind.

After my partner and I bought our house, we knew that the first thing we had to do was to install a new HVAC system.

Our biggest decision was what kind of air conditioning system we wanted.

We gave consideration to both central air conditioning and to window air conditioning units. We had to sit down and figure just which one would be best for us. We considered the cost efficiency of both AC systems. We also looked at the efficiency of cooling that both central and window AC units would give us. The cost of installing central air conditioning was going to be very high, whereas the cost of a window air conditioning unit was just a fraction of the cost. The drawback to window air conditioning units, was that we needed to have a separate unit for nearly every room in the house. Since there was already a smart thermostat installed that worked with the furnace, we ultimately opted to install the central air conditioning unit. The central AC unit would make it possible to save even more money on our energy bills. The efficiency of the central system was also the reason for our choice. The smart thermostat was able to keep the HVAC system so that we had steady temperatures in the entire home. Neither of us were sure that window air conditioning units could have done that. We are really happy with the choice we made. I don’t think we could have been this comfortable, or if we could have had such efficiency with the operating costs of the HVAC system.


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