Mistake, Apology, & Forgiveness

The quote “To err is human, to forgive divine.” is credited to English poet Alexander Pope in his 1711 poem titled “An Essay on Criticism, Part II”.

Pope missed something about making mistakes. If an error is human, and forgiveness divine, then where does that leave the expected apology from the error maker begging forgiveness? One article I read noted six components to an honest to goodness apology that goes way beyond a simple “I’m Sorry”. That is only the first step. After uttering those two words, the well-trained apologist should explain what happened, admit responsibility, declare repentance, offer to repair, or compensate, and finally request forgiveness. One area rife with errors is HVAC beginning with the homeowner who fails to consult with an HVAC professional when selecting the unit for installation. They will likely choose a unit that is over or under the capacity they need. The HVAC pro can quickly determine the optimum size for your house with a quick survey. Another common mistake is choosing an unqualified installer. That is where the “godliness” of forgiveness comes in as you let that bad HVAC installer off the hook while your extra cash goes to correct his work. If you make the mistake of attempting those repairs yourself, then you will need these words to make a proper apology to your wife and qualified HVAC service person that you woke up at 4 a.m. Just say, “I’m sorry, I thought I could do it, it’s all my fault, I’ll never do it again. Honey, I’ll make this up to you, can you forgive me? Your payment to the HVAC repair person will cover step #5 of the apology process but forgetting step #6 here would be another error added to your humanity.

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