My dad should let our Dad pay for a new gas furnace

Every day, our dad gets up and fools around with the gas furnace.

It has been broken for several nights and our Dad is getting unquestionably angry, and she wants our dad to call the service to replace the outdated machine, but our dad is too stubborn to make the call! She insists the outdated gas furnace can be saved.

She has been trying to repair the problem for the past week, but our Dad has been spending a lot of time at our lake house complaining. I dislike to listen to our Dad complain about our dad, so I tried to talk to our dad. I even gave to pay for the gas furnace and that made our dad even more ticked off. She told me that she did not need any help from me or our Dad or the damn heating business. I went condo feeling a little aggravated and mad; The next day, our Dad told our dad that she was going to stay at a hotel until the gas furnace was replaced. I knew she meant the words, because she never made that threat before. My dad knew she was dire too, so she finally caved in and called the repair service. My Dad still did not come condo until the gas furnace was replaced with something new. My dad even tried to convince our Dad that a repair would keep them until next year, but she wasn’t going to budge after she made the decision. It might be the first time in twenty years that I have ever watched our Dad actually rest up to our dad.


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