My husband owned a resort when I met him. It was doing fairly well but it needed a lot of work. All of the people who visited had the same common complaint. The HVAC system didn’t work well. It was always either too hot or too cold in the rooms. There didn’t seem to be a happy medium no matter which room we entered. Since the technology of HVAC had changed so much over the years, we thought about replacing the entire HVAC system. We called the local HVAC company and asked them to send a specialist to the property. We wanted a contractor who would be able to go through every building and tell us the plan of action in replacing the HVAC system. We knew we had to have zone control throughout the main building and in each cottage. With a smart thermostat, we could always keep track of those cottages and rooms that weren’t in use, and turn the HVAC off as needed. Before someone entered the rooms, we could adjust the thermostat so it wasn’t too cold or too warm. We could also see if there was a problem with any of the rooms, and watch over how much energy was being used. We wanted our guests to be happy and a good HVAC system was the beginning of that happiness. We knew that was their first experience with our resort, and if our guests were happy, they would spread the word to their friends and family. If we were going to own a resort, we wanted it to be a successful one.

You should forget your HVAC ductwork.


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