My nephew got himself into a pretty extreme predicament

I have a nephew who is incredibly smart and foolish at the same time.

Some time ago, he decided to take a loan from the risky style of people.

I’m talking about the people who will put a hit on you if you don’t pay them back on time. Well, sure enough he didn’t get the money back to them on time, but he made investments into a modern Heating and A/C plan design he came up with, then he was on the brink of making a substantial thing happen, however then these loan sharks were after him. He ended up leaving town for a while where he couldn’t be found. It was a shame he had to sit low when he had this brilliant Heating and A/C plan that was highly energy efficient in the making. It was going to be revolutionary. Then eventually he started talking to us again and said he was laboring with some other people and they were on the brink of bringing the modern Heating and A/C technology out that they came up with; Unblessedly, as soon as he started talking to everybody, the loan sharks caught onto his trail and were after him again. I eventually told him I would pay the loan sharks the money he owed. He said it was $50,000 and I figured I would cover that for him so long as he paid myself and others back eventually. I met up with the loan sharks with him however they said he owed interest and it was now $100,000. I told my nephew to keep it cool and I paid these men the $100,000 to be done with this situation. I told my nephew never to get mixed in a situation prefer that again. I also said I had faith in him and his modern Heating and A/C model.