Our AC died during our trip.

My best friend and I wanted to do some travelling around the country.

Throughout the trip, our air conditioning unit was getting quite a workout.

We hadn’t travelled through the south, and we were realizing how different it was. Not just the scenery had changed, but the temperatures were like nothing we had ever experienced. We had been using the air conditioning nonstop for the last two days. The further south we got; the higher the temperatures were. We were in the middle of nowhere and temperatures were over 100 degrees. The air conditioning seemed to malfunction. We had to turn the air conditioning on high, and open the windows. We still weren’t comfortable. That’s when the air conditioning quit working. We drove to the first mechanic we came across. He said he didn’t know a lot about air conditioning, but he changed a hose and added coolant to the system. He told us that as soon as we got to a large garage that boasted HVAC inspections and repairs, we should stop there and have it properly repaired. The next day we came across a large garage that did HVAC unit repairs. We pulled in and told them about the last mechanic we had seen, which just the previous day. This mechanic said we needed to have our condenser repaired. It cost more money to repair that air conditioning unit, and it taught me a huge lesson. If you are going to go on a trip, you need to make sure the HVAC system is working well, and the car is ready for the trip.


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