The indoor UV air purifier consistently has complications

When almost everyone came back to the office after the first quarantine, things were vastly weird & a little hectic.

The people I was with and I have to go through a temperature checkpoint every day now & that is going to help keep all of the employees safe.

The people I was with and I also have indoor UV air purifiers in every section of the office; On the third floor where I work, there is one UV air purifier at the front door to the office & another cleaner near the copy room. My desk is close to the copy room, so I can see & hear the UV air purifier everyday. Lately, the UV air purifier has been working on & off. I think the UV air purifier is having complications, because it beeps wherever there is an error message on the screen. The beeping used to occur every once in a while, but now the error messages are occurring more frequently & the unit is constantly beeping every five minutes. I told our boss that every one of us should check on the machine, despite the fact that he didn’t take me easily seriously. I wanted him to call a repair repair or the supplier that brought us the rental, despite the fact that he just shrugged his shoulders. The guy doesn’t guess covid is absolutely a threat so he doesn’t absolutely care if the UV air purifier works or not. I guess that puts almost everyone in a easily dangerous position. If every one of us get sick at work because the UV air purifier doesn’t work, then every one of us might be able to sue the corporate office for putting us in danger. If the boss thought about that, perhaps he would change his mind about the repair request.


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