We froze the AC during beach party

This year during spring break, my friend and I threw a huge party at my parents beach house.

  • Mt parents were out of town that week and they knew that we were going to have a party.

My parents don’t care if I throw a party as long as I pay the cleaning crew to clean the disaster the next day. My dad told me to have fun and don’t get the cops called. Those are usually his last words before leaving for a business trip. My mom hugged me goodbye and told me not to drink all of the good wine in the cellar. I thought that was funny because I have never drank wine in my life. About ten or fifteen minutes after my parents disappeared in a cab, my friend showed up with the party planning notebook. We hashed out all of the details and made a plan for the day. Everything at the party was going great until the AC broke down. My friends were complaining about the indoor temperatures and I didn’t know how to help. I called my dad and he told me that the AC might be frozen. I opened the door so I could look at the evaporator coils and they were covered in ice. My dad said that the coils froze up because we had the thermostat set too low. We had to wait for the ice to thaw before the AC would work again. Most people left before the AC came back on and the whole party was a big disaster.

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