We lost our heat while on the road.

My kids and I were on a trip up north.

  • I had been promising a skiing trip for a couple years and it was finally going to happen.

I had made a reservation for a four night stay at the ski resort, and we were going to be stopping along the way. We had only driven about fifty miles when the car’s heating unit started making some noises. The kids didn’t notice and I thought that as long as I still had heat, the heater could wait until we got to our destination. The heating unit had different ideas than I had. We pulled into the first garage that advertised HVAC repairs. That’s when we saw the sign that they were closed on Sundays. We found a hotel that was near the HVAC repair shop and we got a room. The temperatures had been dropping all day, and I didn’t think it would be wise to drive without having any heating. I was hoping I would be able to get the heating unit repaired the following morning. The mechanic ended up replacing the entire heating system. She smiled when she told me that I should have had the HVAC system inspected before heading out on a cold day. They would have been able to find the problem and we could have already been to the ski lodge. I was glad that I had my phone with me. I was able to call the ski lodge and let them know that we were going to be arriving late. They didn’t cancel our reservation and we still had a great skiing vacation.

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