We needed heat in the garage.

There has been a wood burning heater in the garage ever since we bought the house.

  • Last week, my partner decided he was going to put in a HVAC system.

He was getting tired of all the work that went with having a wood burning heater. Getting a new HVAC system was actually a good idea. I knew we could get one that’s energy efficient. With a thermostat, he could turn up the heating or air conditioning and the temperature would be comfortable within minutes. There wouldn’t be the waiting of setting the fire to the kindling and waiting for the fire to take hold so you could add wood for heat. For the last year, he had been talking about getting an HVAC system for the garage. When we talked about what kind of HVAC system we could get, he said he had been looking into a radiant HVAC system. It was a ductless HVAC system that was easy to install. Two people could do the installation and set up. The HVAC system would run quietly and efficiently and just like the wood burner, it wouldn’t need to be on unless he was in the garage. There was already an electrical outlet in the garage, and you could easily plug the new HVAC system into that outlet. The upkeep is simple and unlike the wood burner, there was no worry about there being lasting embers that can cause a fire when no one was present. I’m thinking he has a good idea about installing the new HVAC system into the garage.Unless


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