Boiler might be the best heating system

When it comes to heating systems, I think the boiler might be the best.

For starters, most heating devices last around 1-15 years and that is with proper maintenance.

A boiler system can live fifty and sometimes even to eighty years old. How do they live this long? A hot water or steam boiler is just a total tank. They hardly need any love, care or repairs. If you do a once a year check up on the equipment, you are more than good enough. The only reason people end up getting rid of their boilers for a newer model is because replacement parts for the system are no longer made due to the age of the system. Another benefit of owning a boiler is the versatility of it. With a forced air heating system, what you see is what you get. A boiler can be hooked up to be all kinds of things like baseboard heating or to a radiator. You can even hook piping up to the boiler system, install it under the floors and have hydronic heating. Some people even do this in their driveway and make it a snow melt system. The boiler can be used as a pool heater, the family’s water heater or just be the home heating device. Most big businesses or large school districts will use a boiler to provide heating because of how strong it is too. A boiler can heat impressive square footage evenly and not for very much money. The long term cost on the system is hardly anything. It makes it a perfect residential and commercial heating option.

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