Getting healthy at the gym

I have never been all that good about taking suggestions or accepting help.

That’s been a problem throughout my life.

However, I’m hoping to change that with fitness coaching. I have a real pattern when it comes to gym membership. Signing up at the gym has been something that I have done many times. It’s the keeping up with the gym membership that I need to work on. When I decided I wanted to sign up at the local gym, I made a promise to myself first. That promise was that I would sign up for personal fitness training right from the beginning. I chose to make this extra commitment because I need to take better care of my health. The gym is where I can do that. So when I went into the gym, I took a tour and consulted with a fitness professional. She was wonderful and listened to my fitness goals and health concerns. The personal trainer explained the different group fitness classes that I could join. This would allow me to take advantage of training and guidance along with a group of people just like me. And it would provide a sense of accountability for me as well. This was such a great plan. No longer would I just try to figure out a workout program on my own. I wouldn’t be stumbling around using equipment I didn’t know how to properly use. This gym membership is going to be the perfect addition to my schedule for sure. I believe I will finally stick to my plans this time around.

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