High velocity heating and cooling for older home

My house was built in the early eighteen hundreds and many of the features are original.

We still have plaster walls and ceilings, hardwood floors and a gorgeous fireplace.

The house is large and divided into a lot of smaller rooms. While my husband and I were drawn to the charm and history of the residences, it has presented us with some challenges. When we moved in, there was no insulation in the walls and all of the old windows were painted shut and leaked air. There was no centralized heating or cooling system. Without ductwork, we were forced to piece together different types of portable electric heaters, box fans and window air conditioners. The house was freezing cold during the winter and overheated and sticky all summer. I hated the look of the various heating and cooling equipment. I started looking into options for temperature control. I certainly didn’t want to tear down the walls and ceilings, give up tons of space or sacrifice architectural integrity. I was hoping to find a compact and affordable system that would provide both whole-house heating and cooling. I found high-velocity HVAC, and it has been the ideal solution. This type of system is specifically designed to accommodate the specialized needs of older homes. It uses very narrow, flexible mini-ducts that can be threaded through existing walls without causing damage. The vents are only six inches in diameter and allow freedom of location. The equipment is small enough to fit into a closet or the attic. With the high velocity heating and cooling system, we can finally adjust temperature throughout the whole house with a centralized thermostat.

Cooling workman