Kids messing with the thermostat

This past summer was really disappointing.

After an especially long and brutal winter, we were looking forward to sunshine and warm weather.

We spent nearly eight months with the windows shut tight and the furnace blasting at maximum capacity. Endless amounts of snow and temperatures down to twenty-five below zero kept us trapped in the house. The only time I ventured outside was to shovel snow or scrape ice. I paid enormous heating bills and worried that the furnace would malfunction and our water pipes would freeze. When the spring season finally showed up, it was wet, windy and chilly. I needed to keep the furnace operating until the end of April. We had snow on the ground when the tulips were trying to bloom. I hoped we’d be rewarded with a long and beautiful summer. Instead, we got high humidity and lots of rain. Because the house felt hot and sticky, I needed to start up the air conditioner. With all the rain and mud, the kids were forced to remain indoors. I have four kids under the age of ten, and I don’t allow them to watch television or play video games all day. It didn’t take long for them to get bored and drive each other crazy. At one point, I noticed that the air conditioner kept starting up and shutting off repeatedly. I was already dreading the cost of a repair when I realized my kids were gathered around the thermostat arguing about the temperature. My oldest son wanted to turn it way down and my daughter wanted it warmer. I’ve now added a child lock to the thermostat. I also bundled all my kids up in rain gear and sent them outside to get some fresh air.
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